We are a team of highly driven individuals with a common goal in mind

Striving to provide maximum value to our clients regardless of the situation

Our passion to value add to our clients gives them the assurance one will need for a big commitment


We believe in continuing to improve and keeping up to date to better assist our clients. Having regular training sessions together and sharpening our skills makes us better equipped every single time.

Team Karisma brings each other to newer heights every time we sit down and share our challenges and ideas. Our open discussions gives each other a unique perspective on dealing with different situations. This not only increases our knowledge but also pushes us to always be humble yet ambitious.



Being in PNG Propnex also means more training on the agency level and it always gives us an extra boost to go higher!

Our reviews with each other after such trainings gives us the opportunity to internalize and focus on the current market situation which will help our clients get the most of their next move.

And of course, a good cup of coffee to sweeten the sessions every time.

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